Helena Leet-Pellegrini, Ph.D., of Wayland, MA is a practicing psychologist and creative expression coach.  Once active in community theatre in Albany, NY, she has recently returned to performing as a storyteller, appearing at various venues in Massachusetts:

  • The  Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham
  • The Worcester Storytellers 
  • Storytelling hosted by Brother Blue in Cambridge
  • Bestsellers Café in Medford. 

Helena Leet-Pellegrini loves to amuse and bemuse.  She believes in the power of stories to affirm our wholeness, to reveal our essential connection to one another, and to celebrate our lives and our loving.


"Some people think we're made of flesh and blood and bones. Scientists say we're made up of atoms, but I think we're made up of stories.  When we die, that's what people remember, the stories of our lives and the stories that we told."    - Ruth Stoller